Friday, 30 April 2010

Haynes Piano Manual - now also in Japanese

The Haynes Piano Manual has now been published in Japan by Yamaha, manufacturer of superb pianos. It looks remarkably like the UK edition and even has its main title in English, but thereafter we can't read a word of it. At least Graham and I now know what our names look like in Japanese. Given Yamaha's endorsement of the manual, we're less bothered by the defamatory sniping from some quarters that we have to put up with on Amazon.

(It's been pointed out to us that one of our critics sells rebuilt pianos, some of them at prices that readers of our buying advice might decide not to pay. We wonder if this is the real reason that some in the piano trade don't want anyone to read the Haynes manual?)

And my offer to anyone to use this website to point out any inaccuracies in the manual is still wide open. A virtual cup of tea and a bun awaits all contributors, friendly or otherwise.