Saturday, 27 February 2010

Haynes Piano Manual

W've had many good reviews and much positive feedback about the manual, but some professionals seem to question its technical accuracy. We are confident that what we've published stands up, but I'm happy to consider criticism and put something right if it's wrong.

However, I can't do anything in the absence of information. So if you're a pianist, piano tuner, piano technician or whatever, this discussion forum is your opportunity to provide specific details of where you think we've got it wrong, or where you'd do things differently, or where more clarity or extra information would help. If we incorporate your suggestions in later editions, we'll make sure you get acknowledged for it.

Some professionals may be uneasy about the amount of technical information the manual has now put in the public domain. I suggest we get grown-up about this. How many garages have car workshop manuals put out of business? The likelihood is that the Haynes Piano Manual will make piano owners more aware of the need to maintain and repair their pianos, and thus more likely to use professional services. Let's face it - providing information is not the same as providing skills. Here is the Sunday Times view of Amazon reviews: Culture, 12th December 2010.